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Welcome to Knotty Pines Lodge – Booking for 2020!

Call or Message at (807) 727-7315

New Email AddressNormRoy.kpl@gmail.com

Come visit us at the Minnesota Sportsman’s Show in St. Paul January 9-12, Booth 118

We had successful 2019 season and are already looking forward to 2020. Its been great catching up with old friends and making many new ones this year. We’ve been working hard on making improvements to camp throughout the season and will continue doing so before winter sets in. If you are interested in booking a 2020 date, please message or call me to book your stay. Thank You to all the great people who came to stay at Knotty Pines Lodge in 2019.

We have a new email address going forward NormRoy.kpl@gmail.com

Download Lakes Map

The Facebook page is busy with many guests adding great pictures and telling a few stories, so feel free to have a look!

Thank You, Norm Roy | Knotty Pines Lodge